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They say the "rock" you call home is too puny to count as a planet! Show the universe what a real planet is! Traverse the solar system using rocket boosters to guide your planet and absorb everything in sight smaller than your planet to increase it's mass. Consume various space debris, satellites and even OTHER PLANETS! Collect exciting power ups and avoid larger bodies and black holes in your mission to become the biggest and baddest planet around. Consume all the planets to win! Make them fear the name Plutus!

Allows for X-Box 360 Controller Support

Keyboard Controls:

  • W-A-S-D for Movement (D-pad)
  • Enter to Select (A)
  • Space - Turbo (Y)
  • Shift - Shields (X)
  • Ctrl - Open Planet Tracker (B)

This game was created originally for the Ludum Dare 38 Game Jam (ldjam38)

Vote for this game now through May 16th 2017 and check out all the other awesome games people have created on ldjam.com

If you would like to see this game fully developed into a finished product please let us know in the comments, on our website, and/or by liking and sharing with your friends or even donate! This is also a good chance to get involved in the development process since it is still in very early stages - Leave suggestions and feedback here, on our ldjam or gamejolt page or message us directly on our website! We will also give you a special thanks credit if we use your ideas!

Check out our first official PC title, "Gardyloo - Catch the Poo", on Steam Greenlight!

For more info on this and other current or future Apostate Games releases please visit our website: www.apostategames.com

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